How do I delete my account ( and/or



If you want to delete your account for or, you can submit a support ticket by visiting this form on our support site. Please include your account ID and send the request from the email address used to create your account if possible. 


As a note, your account ID is shared across both and; deleting your account ID will delete it across both platforms if you are using each service. We are unable to delete only a or account and leave the account in place on the opposite platform. 


Your unique user ID is separate from your account ID. A user ID can have multiple account IDs associated with it. If you would also like your user ID deleted, please note that in your email as well. 


To find your account ID: log into the dashboard and navigate to Account > Billing > Account Id. click on your name in the upper right corner of the UI and then Account > Info > ID / Internal Name or by going to


In order to delete your data, your account must contain no applications, cloud spaces, or cloud projects. Please log in to the services and delete all content prior to your request. Please note that this deletion is permanent. Any existing projects and applications will be deleted and will not be recoverable.


To delete your data, please follow the instructions below: