How do I customize my invoice?


As shown on the invoice preview below, the fields printed on your invoice are the fields with an asterisk from the billing information collected (Name, Email, Address, City, State, Zip, Country). If a VAT or TAX ID is present, it will also appear on the invoice. Currently, the Organization field is not printed on your invoice. 

If you need your organization name or other information listed in the "Paid By/Bill To" section of your receipt/invoice, the best way to update this is to log in to the dashboard and update the "Name" field in the Account > Billing > Name section as desired, for instance:



There is a 255-character limit for this field. 

Please note, any changes that can be made to your invoices/receipts will be applied to future invoices only. Unfortunately, we are unable to edit any receipts or invoices that have previously been issued.