Posit guidance on payment issues with SCA / RBI regulations


If you are attempting to pay for a subscription to posit.cloud or shinyapps.io using a credit card, you may see an error similar to the following:
Your card does not support this type of purchase.
as well as messages from your bank stating that the payment was declined due to SCA or RBI guidelines.

At this time, Posit, PBC does not offer any self-service payment options that are compliant with SCA/RBI regulations. We would recommend either using a different credit card that does not require these regulations be followed, or else you can reach out to our Sales team at sales@posit.co to discuss options for paying with a purchase order.

Note that for shinyapps.io, only the yearly professional plan is available for invoiced services at this time with a premium price of $5,500 which allows us to cover the cost of processing other forms of payment and providing some sales support for quotation. Paying monthly, or purchasing a plan other than the Professional plan is unavailable at this time.