File system sizing for all products


All products

  • /home/<users> - This will be the largest amount of disk space used and will depend on user's projects and data.
  • /opt/R/* - This is the recommended path to install multiple versions of R to (but they can be installed anywhere), each version of R will be ~500 MB. This is installed outside of RStudio products.

RStudio Server Pro

RStudio Server Pro keeps state in many places on the filesystem (e.g. internal state, session state, load-balanced node config/auth, etc.). Location and sizing for server logs, audit logs, and monitoring data can be found at:

  • ~/.rstudio - Session metadata is stored under user home directories.
  • /var/lib/rstudio-server - This is where the application code resides along with audit logs and usage metrics (which can be customized and/or disabled, as described in, grows with the number of users and activity (~500 MB).
  • /var/log/rstudio-server - This is where the web server access and error logs reside (~100 KB).
  • /etc/rstudio - This contains static configuration text files and will remain at ~100 KB.
  • /tmp/rstudio-server - This contains files and directories owned by the default rstudio server user.

RStudio Connect

  • /opt/rstudio-connect - Application code (~550 MB)
  • /var/lib/rstudio-connect - Variable data including application environments and code, application logs, and usage metrics (~100 GB)
  • /var/log/ - Web server access and error logs (~100 KB)
  • /etc/rstudio-connect - Static configuration text files (~100 KB)

RStudio Package Manager

  • /opt/rstudio-pm - Application code (~200 MB)
  • /var/lib/rstudio-pm - Variable data including packages (~300 MB)
  • /var/log/ - Web server access and error logs (~100 KB)
  • /etc/rstudio-pm - Static configuration text files (~100 KB)

Shiny Server Pro

Shiny Server Pro's file system sizing is similar to RStudio Connect's; see above. The server files are located in different directories, and the application files are in whichever directories you configure in the server `locations`, but the overall space required is comparable. Please see the admin guide for more details:


We recommend reading through our configuration and sizing recommendations guide for more information on disk space and other variables:

Typically our customers will configure the home directories (where users are storing projects) to be backed by NFS so that RStudio Server Pro is not constrained to the available disk space on the server, and in case they want to add additional RStudio Server Pro servers as usage grows.

It is also common for our customers to set up a separate NFS mount or external databases for shared data that can be read by all users, so they can avoid copying the same large datasets in each of the user's home directories.

Note: Example disk space values were taken from an internal demo server that has been running RStudio products for ~3 years with ~40 users. We do not have any requirements to partition the drive in any way and are limited on the support we can provide as sizing depends on your infrastructure and the resources required.