Shiny Server Quick Start: Installation and Configuration


If you are just getting started with Shiny Server (Pro), we recommend the following resources to get you started:

If this is the first time you have set up a Shiny Server instance, we recommend taking the following steps, using the resources above for reference:

  1. Install the prerequisites for Shiny Server Pro, based on the operating system on your host machine. These are listed on the download page linked above.
  2. Install Shiny Server itself, and activate the license if you are using the Pro version
  3. Leave the configuration file with the default values, and verify that you can access the home page at https://<server-address>:3838.  If you can, that means your server is up and running successfully!
  4. Deploy one of your own apps to Shiny Server (Pro) by physically copying the entire app directory to the default site_dir on the host machine, /srv/shiny-server, e.g., /srv/shiny-server/<application-name>
  5. Access your app in a browser at http://<server-address>:3838/<application-name>

At that point, you can start implementing the other features you may need: authentication, multiple application locations, application performance tuning, SSL, monitoring, etc.

Information about each of those features is in the admin guide, and there are examples and explanations of several of them in our Support article knowledge base:  In particular, the other quick start guides would be a great place to start.