RStudio Desktop IDE crash reports


Note: Crash reports are automatically created when running RStudio on the Mac OS X operating system. For Linux distributions, you can use the backtrace utility.

If you experience a crash while running the RStudio Desktop IDE on Mac OS X, you often will be able to find a crash report with diagnostic information. To check for this report, enter the following command into the terminal. The file will be prefixed with either rsession or RStudio.

open ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter

These reports have a time stamp to help you sort out those related to your crash. If you are able to locate a relevant crash report for RStudio, please send it to us with your best description of the crash.

In some circumstances, it is also useful to attach a core dump. These files are very large, but give us very precise information about the crash. Here's how to generate a core dump on Mac OS X:

1. Open a new Terminal window.
2. Type `ulimit -c unlimited` at the prompt and press Enter.
3. Type `/Applications/` at the prompt and press Enter.
4. RStudio will start up. Reproduce the crash.
5. The core will be dumped to a file named `/cores/core.xxxx`, where xxxx is some number. Send this file to us with your best description of the crash.