How To Uninstall RStudio Desktop


Uninstalling RStudio Desktop is the same as a typical application on your system

Windows: Run the program uninstaller from the Start Menu (All Programs | RStudio | Uninstall). Alternatively, you may use the Add or Remove Programs utility from the control panel.

Mac: Simply drag the RStudio application into the trash from your Applications directory

Linux: Remove RStudio using your system's uninstaller from the command line:

  • Debian/Ubuntu - $ sudo apt-get remove rstudio
  • CentOS/RedHat/Fedora - $ sudo rpm -e rstudio

Saved Settings and Preferences

After uninstalling RStudio, your personalized settings are preserved in the RStudio-Desktop directory. This remains on your system in case you decide to reinstall RStudio. If you wish to delete this hidden directory, it is stored in the following locations:

Windows Vista and 7: The user's local App Data directory AppData\Local

Windows XP: The user's local App Data directory Local Settings\Application Data

Mac OS X: The user's home directory ~/.rstudio-desktop

Linux: The user's home directory ~/.rstudio-desktop or ~/.local/share/rstudio for v1.3 and later