Getting Help with R


There are a number of good resources available on the web for both learning R and seeking answers to questions about how to accomplish various tasks. Check out the resources below for more information on learning and using R.

Learning R

If you are just learning R there are a number of good places to start:

  • Our online learning page links to a number of courses and resources for learning R
  • R for Data Science is a free book that teaches how to how to do data science with R, from getting your data into R and transforming it to visualizing and modeling it.
  • The RStudio cheatsheets give a good overview on using the IDE and popular R packages
  • Our webinars contain a lot of useful information - check out the RStudio Essentials section for some helpful R material
  • The R Style Guide provides some guidelines for writing readable and maintainable R code.

Asking Questions

If you have a question about a particular R code issue, we’d recommend starting by creating a reproducible example (or reprex). This will often help as the process of creating an example will help you think about your problem in a way that may help solve it, and will help to capture the problem in a way that will allow others to clearly understand the issue. See here for more on creating a reprex.

You may also want to check out the following resources:

  • The RStudio Community is our discussion board for asking questions about R, Shiny, and package development.
  • Stack Overflow is an important resource for seeking answers to questions about R - in particular we’d recommend making sure your question is tagged as “R”.
  • The #rstats Twitter community is very helpful and active.

News and Information

The R community is growing rapidly and there are lots of new things happening all the time. If you want to stay on top of what’s happening we recommend keeping up with the following sites:

  • Follow the RStudio blog to hear about our latest features, packages, and workshops.
  • Follow the RStudio RViews blog for general interest articles about R and the R Community.
  • R-bloggers is a blog aggregator that reposts R related articles from across the web. R bloggers is a good place to find R tutorials, announcements, and other random happenings.

Other Resources

  • RSeek meta search engine - The RSeek meta search engine, provides a unified interface for searching the various sources of online R information. If an answer to your question is already available online, RSeek can help you locate it.
  • R-help mailing list - The R-help mailing list is a very active list with questions and answers about problems and solutions using R. Before posting to the list, it is recommended to search the list archives to see if an answer already exists.
  • CrossValidated Q&A community For more statistics related questions, the CrossValidated Q&A community is a great resource with lots of R users active on the site.


  • Avatar
    Bryan Niazi

    My R-studio is freezing constantly and not working, do I need to delete both R studio and the Rdata app and redownload it?

  • Avatar
    Cecil Singh

    Hi Bryan,

    Is Rstudio Desktop the only application that's freezing, or are other applications affected also?

    I'm wary that this may be a resourcing issue on your local machine! Does resetting your user state help resolve the issue?