Version Control with Git and SVN in the RStudio IDE


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    Michael Tuchman

    "Best Practices: Git and GitHub" link is dated and it 404s. Somewhat related to datedness: The heading for your article says it was written "Today at ..." when actually it was written nine years ago according to the RStudio Search engine. The byline should always carry the static date on which the article was actually written.

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    Cecil Singh

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the feedback, we always appreciate improvements to our support articles. I've just tested the link you mentioned, and it seems to work in a couple of different browsers:

    Maybe try clearing your cookies and cache, or possibly trying this in an incognito/inprivate window!

    Typically, the articles date shows when it was last edited. When it refers to "today", that typically means there was an update made on the article today. Good point on having the byline as a static date. We'll note this feedback and see if we can implement this.

    Thanks again for your feedback, we really do appreciate it!