Transferring project ownership in Posit Workbench


Sometimes, there will be the need to transfer ownership of a project from one user to another.

Currently, there is no functionality to do this within Workbench manually without a substantial amount of effort and permission changes.

It would likely be easiest for the user you wish to control the project, to start their own project (a copy of the desired one), and then have them share it.

The permission changes would be similar to this example

Current Owner:  user1
Desired Owner:  user2
Project Name: impsproject

This will recursively copy the project from user1's home directory to user2's home directory

sudo cp -R /home/user1/impsproject /home/user2/

And this will change the owner recursively to user2

sudo chown -R user2:user2 /home/user2/impsproject