Locate Connect Application Logs on Server CLI


When an application is deployed successfully in Posit Connect, a log file is generated on the Connect server which shows details about the current application instance and session. Usually, these are accessed from the Connect GUI after an application is launched. For example, the below contains the application log for Session ID rijVV6fTWmWUBxF for Job/Content ID 7:

Within the Connect GUI the Content ID is located at the bottom of the "Info" tab:



The output that is shown in the Connect GUI is stderr/stdout to the server. Admins may find it over the CLI at the below location:

/var/lib/rstudio-connect/jobs/<job/Content ID number>/<session ID string>

Let's find the same log in the above example that was generated for session rijVV6fTWmWUBxF and Job/Content ID 7 on its Connect instance over the CLI. 

Each one of the above numbers represents an individual application hosted on Connect, e.g the Content ID. Navigating into the folder, for example; job 7 the admin will see folders generated which represent recent sessions that users have opened. Below the directory generated for session rijVV6fTWUCBxF is visible. These directories are generated at runtime. 

The application logs can be found within the files job.stderr and job.stdout:

Admins may view and manipulate these files as needed.