Configuring JupyterLab Notebooks in Workbench



Sometimes you will want to make configuration changes to your Workbench-launched Jupyter sessions.


Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab issues can't be supported by Posit because Jupyter is open-source software that has a community supporting it at


Having said that, sometimes you will want to make changes that aren't documented in the Workbench documentation, but the online advice for Jupyter doesn't work.


For example - say you are using Jupyter and would like the terminal that can be opened to be bash instead of sh.


Within /etc/rstudio/jupyter.conf, you can use the two configuration directives lab-args or notebook-args to make this change.


For notebooks, you would add a line that looks like this:

notebook-args=--no-browser --allow-root --ip= --NotebookApp.terminado_settings='{"shell_command":["/usr/bin/bash"]}'


For JupyterLab, you would add a line that looks like this:

lab-args=--no-browser --allow-root --ip= --ServerApp.terminado_settings='{"shell_command":["/usr/bin/bash"]}'


Once this is complete, please restart the server and the launcher - users may need to log out of their sessions as well.


$ sudo rstudio-launcher restart
$ sudo rstudio-server restart