Compressing Posit Workbench Diagnostics


To help avoid attachment size limitations, and to reduce transmission time, you can compress your Posit Workbench diagnostics report before attaching/uploading it.


We support compressed tarballs and standard zip files.


To compress a diagnostics report on your Workbench server, please run the following - adjusting the filename as needed:

tar czf rsp-diagnostics-report-[ID].tar.gz rsp-diagnostics-report-[ID].txt

For example:

tar czf rsp-diagnostics-report-rswhost-221003123229.tar.gz rsp-diagnostics-report-rswhost-221003123229.txt

Please then attach the resulting .tar.gz file to your ticket.


If the compressed diagnostics report is still too large to send, then please use our dedicated Support Upload tool, here: 

Please let us know, in your ticket, if you have uploaded any files using this tool.