Troubleshooting - Updating a Published Document in RStudio Workbench Results In "requested object does not exist"



Problem:  An error occurs within RStudio Workbench when updating a published document to an existing destination after it has been deleted within RStudio Connect.


Root Cause: This issue occurs when updating a document that has been published and is then subsequently deleted on RStudio Connect.  When the document is deleted, the references to the published document within RStudio Workbench are no longer valid, which results in an error message.


Solutions:  The workaround is to publish the content to a New Destination by selecting Other destination or choosing Clear List to clear the local deployment history for a document (which then will require setting up a New Destination).  This is shown in the following screenshot:


Outcome: Once the above workaround is completed, the content can be published to Connect.


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