Uninstalling the MongoDB driver and Schema Editor


The Schema Editor was software shipped in the v1.6 of the RStudio Professional Drivers. The Schema Editor allows users to customer their NoSQL queries in MongoDB. In February 2021, we discovered a security vulnerability among the Java packages in the Schema Editor. As a result, we will no longer ship the Schema Editor with the MongoDB driver. We encourage all customers to upgrade their drivers even if they are not using the Schema Editor.

If you are not able to upgrade to the latest version of the RStudio Professional Drivers, we recommend the following actions:

RStudio Server Pro and RStudio Connect

You should instead remove the MongoDB driver from your system. On Linux servers running RStudio Server Pro or RStudio Connect, you should remove the directory:`/opt/rstudio-drivers/mongodb/`.

RStudio Desktop Pro

For the RStudio Desktop Pro, you should uninstall the MongoDB driver by following these instructions.