Troubleshooting the RStudio Connect Setup Assistant


An inability to access the Setup Assistant typically originates from external environmental issues (outside of this setup script) which causes port access to be blocked.

To diagnose and resolve this, consider the possible conditions listed below:

  • Is there a firewall restricting access?
    • If yes, consider opening the port OR use SSH port-forwarding to access it.
  • Are you trying an address that is not available from your computer?
    • If yes, perhaps try a different one or understand which interfaces listed above are valid for you to connect to.
  • Are you attempting to run within a container that does not allow external port access?
    • If yes, open the port and launch the setup server OR use SSH port-forwarding to access it. 


If you need to stop and restart the Setup Assistant process, you can run this command to restart: 

sudo -E /opt/rstudio-connect/bin/setup-assistant


Are you running into a validation error? The setup assistant will validate the RStudio Connect configuration. If it encounters errors, it will display the error in the log entry in the bottom right panel and highlighted in red for convenience. 


To make configuration changes, click the "Previous: Configure" button. When the changes are made, the setup tool will make a second attempt to validate the configuration. 

If validation fails a second time, a "Need Help?" button will be displayed. Clicking the button will display a download bundle section.

Please download and send us zip file to aid in the diagnosis.