Managing Content Versions in RStudio Connect


RStudio Connect provides multiple ways to manage versions of model APIs, applications, and reports. For teams using Git, Git-backed publishing provides a powerful way to automate the continuous deployment of updates. However, regardless of whether a team publishes through Git, through push-button publishing, or through custom publishing extensions, RStudio Connect provides a safety-net of automatic content versioning. 

Anytime content is published or updated, RStudio Connect automatically records the content "bundle" which includes your code, a specification of your runtime dependencies (packages, interpreter versions, etc), and any supporting files, model objects, or data that have been deployed. 

Content authors and collaborators can access the history of these bundles through Connect:


The dialog shows which bundle is currently active, and allows users to download prior bundles or "roll back" to previous versions of content:



These bundles can be downloaded and opened in RStudio, and they contain everything necessary to recreate old content:




Other resources to consider:

  • For IT security purposes, RStudio Connect records an audit log of all changes to the system including content updates.
  • For IT admins, RStudio Connect can be configured to limit the number of prior bundles kept on the system to limit storage requirements.