RStudio Connect with SAML and JumpCloud


The SAML protocol is an industry standard for single-sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and authorization within the enterprise. RStudio Connect supports SAML 2.0 for authentication and group membership. For the full reference on RStudio Connect’s SAML implementation, see the RStudio Connect Admin Guide. You can also explore the generic getting started guide for SAML and RStudio Connect.

Getting Started

To get started using RStudio Connect with SAML and JumpCloud, it is important to configure both RStudio Connect and JumpCloud appropriately. You will need:

  • Access to create a new application in the JumpCloud portal
  • RStudio Connect version 1.7.6 or later installed
  • The URL that RStudio Connect is accessed at in users’ browsers


The installation and configuration workflow requires the following steps.

1. Follow the instructions in the RStudio Connect: Admin Guide to install RStudio Connect to install RStudio Connect.

2. Write down the full URL that RStudio Connect will be accessed at in users' browsers.

3. Go to the JumpCloud portal, "Add an Application" and search for "RStudio Connect." Configure the Entity ID and ACS URL using the full URL that RStudio Connect will be accessed at in users' browsers (replace YOUR_DOMAIN in the image below)


4. Activate the application, and export the Identity Provider Metadata using the JumpCloud interface at the bottom of the form


5. Copy the metadata onto the RStudio Connect server, for instance, to /etc/rstudio-connect/jumpcloud-metadata.xml


6. Configure RStudio Connect to use the metadata by altering the configuration file. An example configuration file is below.

; RStudio Connect configuration file

SenderEmail =
; Replace Address with the value you specified in JumpCloud
Address = https://YOUR_DOMAIN

Listen = :3939

Provider = saml

Logging = true
IdPMetaData = /etc/rstudio-connect/jumpcloud-metadata.xml
SSOInitiated = IdPAndSP

NameIdFormat = emailAddress
UsernameAttribute = Username
EmailAttribute = Email
FirstNameAttribute = FirstName
LastNameAttribute = LastName

7. Restart RStudio Connect


Your setup is complete! Any user granted access to this application within JumpCloud should be able to log into the product!


If you run into issues, please contact and mention that you followed this guide. You should also include the details explained here: 

How do I submit a Support ticket?