Metrics and Monitoring in RStudio Connect


There are many options when it comes to gathering metrics in RStudio Connect.

Question: Does RStudio Connect have a dashboard in the UI to view Metrics?

Answer: Yes, at the top of the RStudio Connect dashboard, click Admin. A dashboard displays that is similar to the example shown below:


Question: How do I find resources being used over time like CPU and memory? 

Answer: If you are interested in the resources being used over time (CPU, memory, etc), the Historical Metrics section of the Admin Guide provides useful information. RStudio Connect uses a separate rserver-monitor process that records resource usage over time. Please note, the server monitor process is only active when historical metrics are enabled, and the metrics data is written by default to a set of RRD files.

Question: Where can I find information stored that shows me who used my Shiny app, how long they used it, etc?

Answer: If you are interested in questions like "Who used my Shiny app and for how long?", we recommend reviewing the Historical Events section of our Admin Guide. This information is stored in a database (either SQLite or PostgreSQL depending on your installation). These event details can be queried using RStudio Connect server APIs. Historical event data is also called "instrumentation."

Additional information about accessing the instrumentation data via the RStudio Connect REST API, refer to the RStudio Connect API Reference Instrumentation section.

Question: Do you support software monitoring tools?

Answer: Yes, if you are interested in exporting metrics and monitoring server health to software monitoring tools like Prometheus and Graphite, please read through this article that outlines how to get started.