FAQ for RStudio Workbench / RStudio Server Pro with Launcher and Slurm


How does the integration with RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro) and Slurm work?

RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro) and Launcher can be configured to work with a Slurm cluster. Users can then spawn interactive sessions with RStudio and background jobs that run as Slurm jobs on the cluster.


How do I configure RStudio Workbench and Launcher with Slurm?

Refer to the documentation on Configuring RStudio Workbench with Launcher and Slurm.


What are the requirements for using RStudio Workbench and Launcher with Slurm?

  • Slurm cluster
  • Home directories mounted on shared file storage on all Slurm nodes with matching user and group IDs


Can RStudio help me provision or configure a Slurm cluster?

Support for Launcher is limited to the configuration and functionality of RStudio Pro products, and does not include issues related to third-party systems such as Slurm. For hands-on support for Launcher and Slurm, we can refer you to one of our full-service certified partners.


How can users access files and projects with RStudio Workbench and Slurm?

Since the RStudio sessions and jobs are running as the logged-in user, users will have access to their home directories and project files on the cluster.


Can I run background jobs with Slurm?

Yes, you can run background jobs from RStudio for ETL jobs, model simulations, or other long-running batch jobs. These background jobs will be started as a Slurm job separate from the interactive session.


Can users specify the Slurm queue to spawn sessions and jobs on?

Yes, users can specify which Slurm queue to spawn a session or job on.


Do Launcher and Slurm support both interactive RStudio sessions and Launcher jobs?

Yes. Similar to Launcher and Kubernetes, users can launch either interactive RStudio sessions or batch jobs (with the “Start Job Launcher” button or "rstudioapi" package) on Slurm.


Do RStudio Workbench and Slurm work with with HPC R packages such as batchtools, clustermq, drake, and others?

Yes. RStudio sessions and jobs run as native Slurm jobs on the cluster, and users can use standard Slurm-compatible tooling from the RStudio editor, console, or terminal to invoke other Slurm jobs.


Is there a separate license for Launcher?

No, a separate license is not required. However, a different kind of license is. RStudio Server Pro is available without Launcher with server-based licensing. RStudio Workbench with Launcher requires the purchase of Named User licenses. Get in touch with us at sales@rstudio.com to discuss how to get started with Launcher.


Are Launcher backends other than Kubernetes and Slurm supported?

Kubernetes and Slurm are currently the only supported Launcher backends. Contact us with your requests for other Launcher backends.