Getting Started with RStudio Connect for GCP


RStudio Connect for GCP is an on-demand, commercially-licensed solution for hosting RStudio Connect on GCP. There are three distinct tiers:

These instances come pre-configured with RStudio Connect 2022.02.0, R versions 3.4.4, 3.5.3, 3.6.3, 4.0.5 and 4.1.0 and python version 3.8.9 already installed. RStudio Connect is by default configured with built-in password authentication and depends on an internal SQLite database. Additional, manual configuration is required if you would like to change any of the default settings. Details on configuration options are available in the administration guide.

These instructions below will help you get started regardless of the tier that you select.

In-place upgrades for RStudio Connect are not supported through the marketplace. If you would like an upgraded version of RStudio Connect, you will need to choose an updated marketplace offering if one is available, or install and configure the latest version on your infrastructure.

1. Select your preferred tier from the options listed above, then click "Launch".

Make sure you're in the GCP project you want to be associated with RStudio Connect.


2. Deploy RStudio Connect for GCP

  1. Choose a Deployment name for your RStudio Connect instance
  2. Configure the Instance Zone, Machine type, etc.
  3. Click "Deploy"



3. Save the Site address, Admin user, and temporary Admin password for the next steps



4. Visit the Site address, click on "Log In", and enter the Admin user and Admin password



If you want to make additional configuration changes, you may do so by accessing the instance via SSH and making updates to the appropriate files as described in the administration guide. You can connect via SSH by clicking on "SSH" in the Deployment Manager page for your RStudio Connect deployment.mceclip3.png