Tips for Collaborative Publishing on RStudio Connect


RStudio Connect gives R developers control over the work they share including access and collaboration permissions. With RStudio Connect, a single piece of content can easily be maintained by several developers working together.

For more information on collaborative publishing workflows in Connect, visit the RStudio Connect User Guide.


You want to modify, edit, or iterate on content published to RStudio Connect. Content collaboration requires two things: you must be added as a collaborator, and you need access to the content metadata. The solution is for the content owner to add you as a collaborator using the RStudio Connect dashboard settings, then share the metadata with you. We recommend you use version control to keep a record of all changes.

Getting Started

  • Each R developer should have their own 'publisher' account on RStudio Connect
  • Choose one publisher to be the content owner, and have that user perform the initial publish action to RStudio Connect
  • Once published, use the Access Settings panel to add additional publishers as collaborators
  • Share the content code and rsconnect directory created during initial publication with all collaborators (we recommend a using version control tool like Git)

Workflow Summary (shown in video)

Original Author

  1. Creates original content and publishes to RStudio Connect
  2. Adds collaborator on RStudio Connect
  3. Shares the code and rsconnect directory via version control


  1. Pulls down the code and rsconnect directory from version control
  2. Makes changes to the content code
  3. Publishes to original content location on RStudio Connect

Collaborative Publishing FAQs

How does RStudio Connect know which publishers have collaboration rights?

During the publishing process, RStudio Connect checks that the authenticated user has collaborator access for the piece of content.

Can the rsconnect directory be committed to version control?

Yes. The rsconnect directory should be added and committed into version control. It does not contain any private or secure information. However, it does contain the URL for the RStudio Connect server and the content URL. This information allows future publications to easily target the same endpoint.

Can a piece of content be published to a new location on RStudio Connect?

Yes. If a publisher wants to publish to a new location, they can select 'Other Destination' from the publication drop down menu in the RStudio IDE. This action will create a second deployment location on RStudio Connect and will leave the original content deployment unmodified.

Help - The content is being published to a new location, and that isn't what I wanted!


  • Are you able to reproduce the minimal example shown in the tutorial video above?
  • Do you have the rsconnect directory from the original publication?
  • Do you see the collaboration destination listed in the publication drop down menu in your RStudio IDE?