RStudio Team FAQ


RStudio Team is a bundle of RStudio’s popular professional software for statistical data-analysis, package management, and sharing data products. RStudio Team includes RStudio Workbench, RStudio Package Manager, and RStudio Connect.

What is the difference between RStudio Team Standard and RStudio Team Enterprise?

RStudio Team Standard restricts the number of server installs to one per product. RStudio Team Enterprise allows for unrestricted servers, so you can install as many products on as many servers as you choose. In general, RStudio Team Standard will be used by small teams that only need one server per product, whereas RStudio Team Enterprise will be used by larger teams. 

How can I estimate my price for my RStudio Team configuration?

Our pricing page allows you to estimate pricing for both RStudio Team Standard and RStudio Team Enterprise. Simply enter the number of RStudio Workbench users and the number of RStudio Connect users and select any options needed. Estimates are available for up to 100 RStudio Workbench users and 1,000 RStudio Connect users. For higher quantities or to receive a formal quotation, please contact

Why is RStudio Team priced by user?

Customers told us they wanted a pricing model that was simple, similar to other products they purchased, and aligned with the value they recognized. We experimented with multiple pricing models before settling on one that was based primarily on the number of RStudio Workbench users and RStudio Connect users.

Who is an RStudio Workbench user?

An RStudio Workbench user is a data scientist who can log into RStudio Workbench. RStudio Workbench users write R and Python code for the purposes of analyzing data, building data products, and making decisions based on data.

Who is an RStudio Server Connect user?

An RStudio Connect user is anyone who wants to publish or access data products with RStudio Connect. RStudio Connect users do not need to know R in order to take advantage of data products like R Markdown documents, Shiny web applications, Plumber API's, and Jupyter notebooks. 

What is the benefit of buying a bundle instead of buying individual products individually?

Customers tell us that they want to equip their data science teams with our recommended professional products but it can be harder to justify each of them separately and at different times. They suggested that we bundle them to make it simpler, more convenient, and more economical to purchase together.

Is it less expensive to buy RStudio Team than to buy all three individual products separately?

Yes, both Team Standard and Team Enterprise are less expensive to buy as a bundle than separately. Our goal is to make it easier and more economical to equip every team with our recommended solution for professional data science teams.

Does RStudio Team have special features that do not already exist in the other pro products?

No, RStudio Team is simply a convenient way to license all three products. It does not contain any additional functionality that isn't already in the other products. If you were to license the products a la carte, you would still have the same functionality as RStudio Team.

How many servers does an enterprise license cover?

RStudio Team Enterprise allows for unrestricted server activations within a single legal entity (e.g. Acme Corp). If a subsidiary is a different legal entity, it requires a separate customer agreement. Within a single legal entity, however, an enterprise agreement allows for installation on an unrestricted number of servers across regions, departments, groups, clouds, and architectures. You only report to RStudio how many Named Users of that legal entity have access to RStudio software. 

How do I try out RStudio Team before I buy?

If you are a data scientist or business user looking to get practical, hands-on experience with the individual RStudio Team products, we encourage you to download the RStudio Team QuickStart VM — a virtual machine appliance you can run on your own desktop.

If you are an IT or R administrator looking to set up a sandbox evaluation or proof of concept, you can download a 45 Day Evaluation of each product for free — RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect, and RStudio Package Manager. For first-time RStudio Team customers we usually recommend installing and configuring one product at a time.