RStudio Workbench / RStudio Server Pro Installation and Configuration - Example Checklist


RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro) is highly configurable. This example checklist represents some of the most common configuration settings we see used in practice. Your unique environment will likely require additional tuning. For the complete documentation please see

Before you begin

Please read the RStudio Professional Product Requirements.

Installation Checklist

Once you have R installed and working properly on your server, installation of RStudio Workbench is typically easy. 

Configuration Checklist

All the configurations below are optional except for authenticating users. By default, RStudio Workbench will authenticate against the user database on the server. Please note that RStudio Workbench requires local accounts regardless of what RStudio authentication method you use.

Server management

Authenticating Users

Access and security

R Sessions

R Versions

Load balancing

Auditing and monitoring

License management

Data connectivity


Licensed RStudio professional products and evaluations are covered by our RStudio Support Agreement. If you have issues installing or configuring RStudio Workbench, please send an email to Instructions on how to submit a support ticket are here.