RStudio Team QuickStart VM Troubleshooting

RStudio Team QuickStart VM is a virtual machine that runs on Mac and Windows desktops. The QuickStart lets you experience RStudio professional products without ever having to set up a server. This document troubleshoots common issues. Please refer to the RStudio Community for help with specific issues. 

Getting Started

Installation requirements

The QuickStart requires a desktop capable of running VirtualBox, an Internet connection, and 15 Gb of disk space. Note: You must use VirtualBox, no other virtualization software is tested to work with the QuickStart.


My VirtualBox installation failed on Mac

If you see the following error when installing VirtualBox on Mac, you may need to alter your security and privacy settings. There is a nice write up on how to solve this issue on Medium.


Another error that can manifest this way looks like:

Failed to open a session for the virtual machine rstudio-quickstart-18.04-amd64-20190117-125804. 

The virtual machine
'rstudio-quickstart-18.04-amd64-20190117-125804' has terminated unexpectedly
during startup with exit code
1 (0x1).
0x80004005) Component: MachineWrap Interface: IMachine {...}


I cannot open the QuickStart (*.ova) download

You do not need to double-click the (*.ova) file. You can import the QuickStart (*.ova) from within Virtualbox. First, open VirtualBox. Second, select File > Import Appliance. Third, navigate through the VirtualBox wizard to the QuickStart (*.ova) download. Make sure to request a new MAC address in the networking configuration.


I cannot start the QuickStart

Sometimes starting the QuickStart generates an error pop-up like the following.

The virtual machine 'rstudio-quickstart-18.04-amd64-20200123-053030-339f675' 
has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1 (0x1).


For this error in particular, we have seen success using this helpful post on Medium. The underlying error is with permissions on the Mac operating system.


The QuickStart hangs when starting up

In this situation, the QuickStart has no services listening (on port 5000 or otherwise) and does not allow you to connect with a terminal. As with many of these VirtualBox issues, retrieving the log files can help you debug.


TM: Host/VM is not suitable

If you see an issue where TM (time manager) fails to switch from Dynamic to RealTscOffset in the log, unfortunately, we have not found a solution yet. This seems to be a problem with the desktop computer. Please try another computer if you have one available.

TM: Host/VM is not suitable for using TSC mode 'RealTscOffset', 
request to change TSC mode ignored


The License Trial did not activate

Errors like the following are indicative that your trial license for a particular product (RStudio Connect, RStudio Server Pro, or RStudio Package Manager) did not activate properly. The easiest solution is to delete the running image and "Re-Import" the machine image, being sure to select "Generate New MAC address" as described here:

Trial Expired
Your RStudio Connect trial has ended. Please contact to obtain a license in order to continue using the product

/opt/rstudio-connect/bin/license-manager begin-evaluation-request
Error begin trial: (49): Error: This machine has already had a trial; you cannot begin a new trial.
Use the extend-evaluation, extend-evaluation-request, and/or extend-evaluation-offline commands to extend the trial already on the machine.

If you continue to have issues, please email and we can generate a new trial for you. There is also more specific license troubleshooting here.


I cannot publish to RStudio Connect from my desktop

One of the common reasons that this fails is that the clock is out of sync on the QuickStart (common for VirtualBox instances). From a shell inside the QuickStart, you can execute timedatectl to see the state of the system clock.

If it is out of sync, check the state of the clock synchronization service with:

sudo systemctl status chrony

Or try to force a clock sync with:

sudo chronyc makestep

Once the clock is in sync (which usually takes a little while), publishing should work fine.


RStudio Connect, RStudio Package Manager, or RStudio Server Pro is not starting

This could happen for many reasons. Please check your connection to the Internet and restart the QuickStart. If that doesn't work, clear your browser history and try again. Or power off the virtual machine and import the (*.ova) download anew. Make sure to generate a new MAC address.


RStudio runs slowly inside the QuickStart

RStudio professional products are designed to run on dedicated servers. Your desktop should be powerful enough to run VirtualBox, RStudio, and R.


Installing packages takes a long time

Installing R packages on Linux servers takes longer than on your desktop, because on Linux the package source code must be compiled. The QuickStart contains a minimal set of R packages. Installing new R packages may require significant time to download and compile.


I cannot run the QuickStart offline

The Quickstart requires an Internet connection so that the licenses can be activated. The RStudio products in the Quickstart are licensed for 45 days. Make sure you are connected to the Internet when you set up the QuickStart. Contact if you would like to set up an offline trial.


Out of Memory Error

You will need 2-3 gigabytes of memory available on your desktop when starting the QuickStart. If you do not have this much memory available, try closing programs to make more memory available.


Windows Virtualization Error

Error messages on Windows like "Hardware Acceleration Option is Invalid" indicate a problem in the configuration of your desktop. Unfortunately, this configuration needs to be fixed before the QuickStart will be able to start. This setting may need to be changed in your system BIOS.

See this Stack Overflow post for related discussion.