User account for R processes in RStudio Connect


This article is based on this section of the administrator's guide.

The RStudio Connect installation creates a local rstudio-connect user account. This account runs all the R and Python processes; root does not invoke R or Python. If you would like a different user to run content, customize the Applications.RunAs property.

Administrators can customize the RunAs user on a content-specific level. This means that different content items can be executed using different Unix accounts. This setting can be found on the Access tab when editing content settings. Publishers and Viewers are prohibited from changing the RunAs user on a content-specific level.

If you choose to specify a custom RunAs user for content, that user must be a member of the Unix group specified by the Applications.SharedRunAsUnixGroup property.

Installation of R and Python packages always happens as the Application.RunAs user. A piece of content may override its RunAs setting; this alters how the deployed code is executed and does not impact package installation. See this section of the admin guide for more information about process sandboxing.