Authentication in RStudio Connect


This article is based on this section of the administrator's guide.

RStudio Connect supports a variety of user authentication options. Without customization, a locally-backed password scheme is used, as described below.

External authentication is available through the following integrations:

Choose the appropriate authentication scheme for your organization by customizing the Authentication.Provider property.


Password authentication is the default authentication provider used by RStudio Connect. This is a local user account backed by the RStudio Connect database and is not integrated with a third-party service.

Users will be able to create accounts when they first visit the system and will provide profile details at that time. An administrator will also be able to create new accounts.

Password authentication may be appropriate in small organizations without centralized IT systems.

RStudio Connect will use password authentication if the Authentication.Provider setting has a value of password or if Provider is not present in the configuration file.

Provider = password

For detailed information about the other authentication methods, please see the articles linked above.