Scheduling emailed reports in RStudio Connect


Scheduling reports

R Markdown reports and Jupyter Notebooks that are published with source code can be re-executed by RStudio Connect.

To schedule content to be run and/or emailed in RStudio Connect, please follow these instructions:

  • Publish the document you wish to schedule to RStudio Connect. Note that it must have the following properties:
    • You must choose "Publish Source Code" when deploying your document
    • The document cannot be scheduled if it contains Shiny components*
  • Open your content in the RStudio Connect dashboard and click on the Settings icon.
  • Select the "Schedule" tab.
  • Select the schedule output, start date, and frequency you prefer.
  • Select the "Send email after update" option
  • The owner of the content will always be notified unless they opt out. Content output can also be sent to:
    • All collaborators
    • All viewers
    • Named additional recipients

    Note: By default the rendered content will be attached and RStudio Connect will generate a standard subject line and email body. Visit the RStudio Connect User Guide for more information on how to generate custom email output.

  • Click Save


* Shiny applications or R Markdown documents with a Shiny runtime (Shiny documents) cannot be scheduled. Shiny assets show the latest data each time they are refreshed.