Restoring Missing Help/Environment/Plot Panes in the RStudio IDE


It may sometimes appear as though the RStudio IDE has lost its rightmost two panes (for instance, you can see the Script and Console panes, but not the Environment or Plot pane). 

The cause of this problem is usually that the right panes have been minimized.


1- Dragging the gripper

They can be restored by dragging the gripper that separates the right panes from left panes. The gripper can be found halfway down the window, along the right edge. 


2- Display all panes

You can also select:

View -> Panes -> Show all Panes
Or alternatively use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0


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    Michael Levy

    Except it's not always there. I've run into this before, and it's incredibly frustrating. How about a keyboard shortcut to restore four even-sized panes or something? Check it out, it's really not there:

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    Michael Levy

    The problem is somehow associated with the project I'm working in. If I quit the project, the "gripper" returns, but if I reopen the project, the upper-left pane expands (animated) to occupy the whole window. I can get upper and lower panes with the button in the upper-right, but I can't get left and right panes.

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    Michael Levy

    The issue was with zooming to single panes. This is fixed In the View -> Panes menu, or ctrl-shift-0 to zoom to all panes.

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    James Meservy

    This issue is preposterously frustrating. The grabber disappeared for me as well.

    View -> Panes was the solution - thanks Michael.

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    Deborah Testa

    I have just installed RStudio. I have no environment tab, and there is no View menu from which to select Panes. Also no gripper. This is on a Mac.

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    neil van asselt


    I seem to have the same error as the previous post.
    I am running version 3.4.2 but cannot see or open an environment window.

    Looked through every menu option but nothing seems to solve this problem.

    Thanks for your help,


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    Salvatore Sidoti

    Missing gripper and cannot perform any of the "show" functions under the View tab.

    RStudio v1.1.419
    R v3.4.1

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    Jake Clark

    I figured it out.

    Go to View -> Panes -> Show all Panes

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    Luca Ducceschi

    A solution that I just found. On the top bar of the window click:

    View -> Panes -> Show all panes

    Or alternatively use the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+0