User Collaboration not Working as Intended Between Posit Workbench and Posit Connect



  • Encountered when using versions of  rsconnect below 1.2 
  • May occur when versions of  rsconnect do not match between both user's home folders in Posit Workbench
  • When attempting to collaborate between users in Posit Workbench and Connect, a new app is created (owned by the Publisher) when a new bundle should be created for the existing app under the existing publisher.


A bug that was discovered in  rsconnect 1.1.0 . Please see for more information. 


This bug has been patched in rsconnect 1.2.0.

To resolve the issue, reinstall the package's most recent version. This must be done for both collaborating users in Posit Workbench.
Then reset the Connect collaboration connection from your Posit Workbench session and republish the application. If this works, the existing app will now be overwritten when using collaboration indicating the feature works successfully.