Accessing RStudio Server Open-Source


By default RStudio Server runs on port 8787 and accepts connections from all remote clients. After installation you should therefore be able to navigate a web browser to the following address to access the server:


RStudio will prompt for a username and password, and will authenticate the user by checking the server's username and password database.

A couple of notes related to user authentication:

  • RStudio Server will not permit logins by system users (those with user ids lower than 100).
  • User credentials are encrypted using RSA as they travel over the network.
  • You can manage users with standard Linux user administration tools like useradd, userdel, etc.
  • Each user needs to be created with a home directory.

If you are unable to access the server after installation, you should run the verify-installation command to output additional diagnostics:

$ sudo rstudio-server verify-installation