MFA on Posit Workbench/Connect



There may be instances where you wish to implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on Posit Workbench or Posit Connect. Formally, MFA isn't supported natively on our products at the time of this writing. That said, there is a workaround for those who may require MFA.



We have seen some customers implement a push model with their MFA provider that did not include the requirement for an additional prompt for MFA input. Unfortunately, we can not offer any support on such a setup, other than to say please engage support with your MFA provider to see about this possibility.
Workbench & Connect does not have the capability to support MFA on its own, but you should be able to implement this via proxied authentication. We'd suggest reviewing Apache as a proxy server combined with the mod_auth_openidc module,, to integrate with an authentication provider supporting OpenID Connect. You may also configure proxied authentication using another module or web server; please consult your IT group for assistance configuring your proxy with your authentication provider.
An example reverse proxy (without authentication integrated) is described here:
For Proxied authentication specifically, these links will also be useful:


It's worth noting that this is formally outside of Posit's support SLA! As such, it is worth engaging your infrastructure team for assistance.