Installing RStudio Pro Drivers [offline or tarball]


If your servers are disconnected to the Internet for security purposes (i.e., offline or air-gapped), you can download the RStudio Professional Drivers from a connected machine before transferring them to your servers. See Installing RStudio Professional Drivers to download the .rpm or .deb for your system.

In some cases you might want to use an alternative installation method to install the RStudio Professional Drivers other than .rpm or .deb packages, for example, when:

  • Installing drivers to a location other than /opt/rstudio-drivers
  • Installing drivers as a non-root user
  • Installing a single driver or a subset of drivers

For this reason, we provide the drivers as a single compressed .tar file that can be manually extracted and moved to the desired location. You can download the .tar file at Installing RStudio Professional Drivers.