Support for RStudio Professional Drivers


RStudio has licensed commercial ODBC drivers for many common data sources from Magnitude Simba. We absorb the cost of these drivers and provide them at no additional charge to current paying customers to be used exclusively with RStudio professional products, including RStudio Team bundles, RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect, RStudio Desktop Pro, and Shiny Server Pro. RStudio Pro Drivers may only be used on the same machine where RStudio professional software runs and may not be used on a standalone basis or with other software. We do not sell or offer RStudio Pro Drivers for use with our free and open-source server or desktop software and our license does not permit the drivers to be used with these products.

Supported Software

RStudio priority support is available for our professional products (including RStudio Pro Drivers) as outlined in our support agreement. Establishing a database connection typically requires other software that is not covered in priority support including: system libraries, unixODBC, Oracle InstantClient, and the data sources themselves.

Recommended Setup

Establishing database connections involves installing and configuring several pieces of software. A list of system requirements can be found on We recommend you follow the steps outlined in Installing RStudio Pro Drivers. These steps explain how to connect to your database using ODBC.

We do not support the iodbc driver manager, third party drivers, or connections made with RJDBC or RODBC. We also do not support connections made through community packages like ROracle, RPostgreSQL, RSQLite, RMySQL, etc.


If you are having problems connecting to your databases using the RStudio Pro Drivers, it’s likely that your system is not configured properly. For troubleshooting, please refer to Databases with RStudio and Troubleshooting RStudio Pro Drivers.