Using the Server Home Page in RStudio Workbench / RStudio Server Pro



One of the key features of RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro) is the ability for users to run multiple concurrent R sessions. In order to help you keep track of your running sessions, RStudio Workbench comes with a home page for each user that allows users to:

  • see the status of all running sessions and see if they are idle, executing or suspended
  • gracefully or forcefully exit a running session
  • view recently access projects
  • view shared projects
  • get access to help

This page covers the basics on using the home page to help facilitate a productive workflow when working in a multi-session environment in RStudio Workbench. 


Accessing the Home Page

Within a session

The easiest method is to click the R button at the top left-hand corner from within an active session, as shown in the following screenshot.



Directly from the browser

To get to the home page directly from the browser, type in the address of your company's RStudio, and add /home, like so:



From preferences

You can set preferences that will tell RStudio when to automatically direct you to the home page when you go to your company's RStudio URL. To access them from within a session, open the global options page under Tools -> Global Options. You will see a dialog like this:Preferences.png

Change the Show server home page option to show automatically only when multiple active sessions are running, always, or never. 


Viewing Active Sessions

Once at the home page, you will see a screen like the following:


Under the ACTIVE SESSIONS heading, you can see all of your currently active sessions. Each session will show the following:

  • Project name of the session (Or (Home) if no project is loaded)
  • Current working directory
  • Version of R running within the session
  • Status of the session (one of the following)
    • Executing - the session is running, and some  computation is currently executing
    • Idle - the session is running, but no computations are currently executing
    • Suspended - the session is not currently running as it has been suspended. Important state has been written to disk in order to restore it later. The session is restored into the idle state when you click on a suspended session to resume it.


Managing Active Sessions

The home page allows you to manage your active sessions. To gracefully stop a session and optionally be prompted to save your work, click the red power icon. This will take your browser to the session and show the standard quit session dialog.

To attempt to gracefully quit sessions, select the desired sessions' checkboxes and then click the button titled Quit which is anchored above the sessions. This will attempt to gracefully stop your sessions but will not save any outstanding work.

To forcefully quit your session, which will forcefully stop your session and all of its child processes, select the desired sessions' checkboxes and then click the button titled Force Quit. This will forcefully stop your process and all of its descendant processes, and does not allow them to attempt to gracefully quit on their own. Consider using this option only when your session is not responding. 


Viewing Recent Projects

The home page shows a list of projects that you have recently worked on under the PROJECTS listing at the bottom. Additionally, any shared projects that you have access to will be shown in this list. Clicking on an entry in this list will open a new session working within the project directory. You can also open projects from the filesystem by clicking the Open Project button. You can also create a new project by clicking the New Project button. 


Getting Help

At the bottom right of the home page, there is a list of resources to get you help with the R language as well as a list of resources for connecting you with support for RStudio itself.