How do I remove users from Posit Connect?


There are two different ways to "remove users" from Posit Connect. You can "Lock users" and "Delete users."

Both remove users from being counted against licensing, but locking is reversible while deleting is irreversible. Locking can be done in the UI, API, or CLI while deleting can only be done via the CLI. Deleting users is available in Posit Connect version 1.7.2 and later.

Lock Users

"Locking users" retains the user inside Posit Connect but removes them from licensing so that they do not count against your licensed number of possible users. This means:

- The user cannot login

- Content the user owns is retained

- Groups the user owns is retained

- User instrumentation data maintains its link to the user account information

- if the user is ever unlocked in the future, they will still have access to the same content


Locking users can be very useful for inactive users or publishers who left the company but whose content should continue to be preserved. It can also be useful in organizations that want to maintain data integrity for instrumentation data (i.e. who looked at this content last year).

To lock or disable a user in Posit Connect:

  • Click on the People menu
  • Click on the Username you wish to disable
  • Click the lock button

You can also lock users by using the usermanager CLI or the Posit Connect Server API.

Content owned by a locked user can be deleted by a collaborator or by an administrative user. 
Each piece of deployed content must be deleted individually; there is no bulk removal.

A locked user can be subsequently unlocked. All their previously allowed abilities are immediately restored.

Please see our Admin Guide for more details and information.


Delete Users

Deleting users removes the user from the Posit Connect database. It can be useful for typos, users created for testing, duplicate accounts, or in some cases, removing users who have left the company. Note that some cases leaning towards deletion (i.e. typos) can actually be fixed by the usermanager CLI.

Deleting a user removes the user entirely from the Connect server. 

- A user cannot be deleted while owning content or groups. First migrate ownership of these items to another user account by using the usermanager CLI ( ./usermanager transfer ).

- A deleted user's instrumentation data will be "orphaned" and can no longer be looked up against the user data

- A deleted user's Access Controls will be removed


The only way to delete a user today is to use the usermanager CLI. If using a SQLite database (the default), this requires stopping the Posit Connect server.

# first, find the user's GUID by using usermanager list
/opt/rstudio-connect/bin/usermanager list --users

# then delete the user
/opt/rstudio-connect/bin/usermanager delete --users --user-guid ${GUID}