Why can't I publish my content to RStudio Connect from the IDE after I've established a connection?


The RStudio IDE uses tokens to authenticate to an RStudio Connect server. In certain cases, it may be necessary to deactivate or retire an authentication token on the RStudio Connect server. When this occurs, you will likely see an error message like the following when you attempt to publish content to the server, even if you have previously established a connection:


Your content could not be published because of a problem on the server


And in the Deploy pane, you'll see something like this:

Preparing to deploy document… Error: HTTP 500

<h1>An error has occurred</h1>

<p id=”message”>Token ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP is inactive.</p>

Execution halted


When this occurs, you can reestablish the connection between your IDE and the RStudio Connect server in the IDE by navigating to Tools > Global Options… > Publishing.  Then, select the appropriate server and click the Reconnect… button. This will launch a window that prompts you to sign in and confirm your new token. After you complete that process, you will be able to publish to this RStudio Connect server again.