Getting Started with RStudio Connect


RStudio Connect allows users to share and collaborate on the results they produce with R, such as R Markdown documents, Shiny applications, and plots. Source code or rendered artifacts can be deployed into RStudio Connect and selectively shared with other viewers and collaborators within the organization. Some content can even be scheduled to be re-executed and emailed on a given schedule.

RStudio Connect can also help simplify the role of the system administrator tasked with supporting R by offering:

  • Detailed metrics for the server and the associated R processes (coming soon)
  • Logs for all R processes spawned by Connect
  • Secure deployments and interactions with artifacts using SSL/TLS
  • Scale a Shiny application beyond a single R process to support additional visitor load

You can learn more about RStudio Connect here.

Installing R and RStudio Connect

Installing R

To use RStudio Connect, first you need to install R 2.11.1 (or higher). If you don’t already have R, you can download it here.

Please note that to make use of multiple versions of R in RStudio Connect, you will need to compile R from source as explained here:

Installing RStudio Connect

To install RStudio Connect, click the link included on the trial page or in the email sent with your license key. If you don’t have this link, please contact Support and let us know.

For a list of common dependencies for RStudio Connect, see our article here.

If you have previously been using Shiny Server, check out our information on migrating from Shiny Server to RStudio Connect here.

General Information about RStudio Connect

We recommend reading through our RStudio Connect Admin Guide for most of the information you’ll need. We’ve highlighted some important sections and additional guides below.


Managing RStudio Connect

Initial Configuration

Supported browsers

Root requirements for RStudio Connect

Managing your content

Process management

Set user account for R processes


Security and Auditing in RStudio Connect:


User Roles in RStudio Connect

Historical Metrics


Using RStudio Connect

Performance Tuning in RStudio Connect:

Running Shiny applications on RStudio Connect

Process management in RStudio Connect

Running RStudio Connect with a proxy

Installing packages from behind a proxy


Useful features of RStudio Connect

You may find these add-ons and features of RStudio Connect particularly useful in your work.

Push-button publishing to RStudio Connect

Custom application URLs in RStudio Connect

Scheduling emailed reports from RStudio Connect


Getting Support with RStudio Connect

If needed, you can create and track your support tickets via our form here. Note that this is only for customers who have purchased or are evaluating a RStudio Connect license.


What Next

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