Posit Licensing Infrastructure



All Posit products (including Workbench/RStudio Server Pro, Connect & Package Manager) use a built-in license management system. We use wyDay's LimeLM TurboActivate and TurboFloat for license management as an approved part of our software delivery infrastructure.  Online license activation is done by communicating over secure HTTPS to wyday.com and any firewall must be set up to allow outbound access there. 

Further networking information is available here: https://docs.posit.co/networking/#licensing

In order to uniquely identify your server, Posit licenses rely on a "fingerprint" comprising information about the host machine's hardware, operating system, network configuration, and system clock. If any of these components changes, the license will invalidate itself and show "expired" since it cannot prove that it is still on the machine it was originally installed on.

If you are experiencing issues with your license, including unexpected expiration, please see this article:


For all other issues, please send a detailed message to the Support team by starting a ticket at our support site, we'd be glad to help you resolve the problem.